PT Centrasolusi Intiselaras (CENTRO) has been assigned as exclusive partner for Indonesia market by AEC as. and Threatmark sro. Of Czech since July 2017 .

AEC as. Is the leading IT Security Company in Czech belong to Cleverlance Group with over 25 years industry experiences and 45 permanent engineers.

Threatmark sro. Is the sister company of AEC focusing on the state of the art Complex Anti Fraud and Cyber Threat detection/ prevention systems.

CENTRO also appointed as partner to establish South East Asia regional Security Operation Center of Theratmark for better service level.


AEC is one of the leading European security services providers. Since its foundation in 1991, the AEC company has evolved into a prestigious brand providing its ability and reliability to provide complex security of data and information systems

AEC, that means a team that is one of the strongest teams in the area of ICT security in Central Europe.

Quality of our services is based on long term experience, know-how, and utilization of the most advanced security technologies. More than 50 through-paced consultants are working for us, many of them for more than 10 years. Our technology specialist are undergoing regular trainings and are obtaining international recognized certifications.

AEC is a team of specialists certified for different platforms, with full substitutability. Our consultants are participating as a speakers at security conferences all around the world. Our team also cooperates closely with the law enforcement authorities on cases of cybercrime investigation. AEC top-class services can be applied in private, as well as in public sector.

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ThreatMark established in 2015. It is Highly specialized research and development laboratory combining hacker-level security know-how with the latest machine learning technology to combat cyber threats and online fraud. ThreatMark office located in CZ – Prague, Brno and UK – London, they have multiple clients in CEE region and most of them are Banks. ThreatMark also have multiple partnerships with global companies (e.g. HID Global, CGI) and regional companies (e.g. AEC, BSC, Zinad, CDSys)

They created neXtGEN security methods as Digital Identity Sensing Technology (DIST) that analyzes users transactions and active operation, browsing habits, GUI interaction, device characteristics, and geolocation to ensure it legitimate application users. ThreatMark also has a unique system for malware detection and user protection. These capabilities are accompanied by the best techniques and approaches traditionally found in solutions like Fraud Detection Systems (FDS), Web Fraud Detection (WFD), Web application Firewall (WAF), Malware & Phishing detection makes it an exceptionally effective and universal solution for modern fraud protection.

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